Danger of freezing cold water in quarry lakes and reservoirs!

Quarries might look harmless but to stay safe, stay out!

You alright mate? Charlie Crow here!

Now I see all sorts as I fly about and one thing that really ruffles my feathers is seeing kids playing in quarries. It’s so dangerous! DON’T DO IT!

Now on a hot day you might look at the watery lagoons you get in some quarries and think “cool, that’s the perfect place to chill out” – OR YOU WOULD IF YOU HAVE SAND INSTEAD OF BRAINS!

Water in quarries can be much MUCH colder than you think. It’s often fed from springs deep underground.

The water can be really deep and may be shaded from the sun. It can be so cold that it would cause your muscles to cramp in minutes and make it very hard to breathe.

Sadly many young people get hurt and even drown in quarry lakes and lagoons. Even Olympic swimmers struggle to swim and stay afloat in icy temperatures!

Make sure you tell your friends about the dangers in quarries.  And if one of your mates has the bright idea to go and play in one, tell them I’ll poo on their head if they do.

So, Stay Safe – Stay OUT of Quarries!

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