Dangers of tunneling and digging near quarries!

Quarries might look harmless but to stay safe, stay out!

CrowYou alright mate? Charlie Crow here!

Now I see all sorts as I fly about and one thing that really ruffles my feathers is seeing kids playing in quarries. It’s so dangerous! DON’T DO IT!

They might look like fun places to explore and play but they’re not. You’ve got falling rocks and steep drops – and if you get into a spot of bother, there might not be grown-ups around and mobile reception might be very poor! 

I know lots of you kids like playing Minecraft – digging with pickaxes, making tunnels and caves. Well ‘cos quarries may have sand banks or big piles of sand and gravel, some kids think they’ll try out their mining skills for real.


Kids have been seriously hurt and even died playing in the sand in quarries. Sometimes you find sand piles near a wharf, in a railway yard or a building site – NONE of these are ever safe places to play.

Oooh it gets me in such a flap! You want to practice your digging skills find a safe beach or even get out in the garden!

If your mates have the bright idea to go mining in a quarry explain the dangers to them, it could save their life.

So, Stay Safe – Stay OUT of Quarries!

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