Hidden dangers underwater in quarry lakes and reservoirs! 

Quarries might look harmless but to stay safe, stay out!


You alright mate? Charlie Crow here!

Now I see all sorts as I fly about and one thing that really ruffles my feathers is seeing kids playing in quarries. It’s so dangerous! DON’T DO IT!

On a hot day, quarry lakes can look like a lovely place to paddle or swim – OR THEY DO IF YOU’RE DUMBER THAN A BAG OF ROCKS!

The water might be a lot deeper than you expect.  At the bottom, there could be old machinery or weeds that can trap you. What’s worse, it can be really cold making it difficult to swim… you wouldn’t catch me taking a dip!

Water in quarries might also be sucked up by powerful pumps. You might think the currents at sea are strong – you wouldn’t stand a chance!

Make sure you tell your friends about the dangers in quarries.  Sadly, every year young people get hurt and some even die by playing in quarries. 

So, Stay Safe – Stay OUT of Quarries!

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