How does Telly work?

How does a television work?



T.V. has to be one of the greatest inventions ever. But how does it all work?

Well, Television programmes are coded into digital information and sent through cables and the airwaves to your house.

If you look closely at television screens, you’ll see that, like computer screens they’re made up of a grid of dots – these are called pixels.

Light is sent to each one and can appear as red, green or blue.  Amazingly our brains are able to process all these dots as the images we see.

Now if you think about your favourite television programme, it’s not just one image –there’s lots going on, with people and objects moving around!

All that movement is made by a series of still images which are played quickly one after another – a bit like flip books.

Why not have a try at making a flip book – how many pages do you think you’ll need to create a story?


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