What is Integrated Energy?

...and how does it help?


Car 1Cars, T.V.s and almost everything we use needs energy.

And the way we get that energy is changing.

Fossil fuels used in power stations won’t last forever so newer types of fuel are being developed all the time – like BioOil that can be made from poo!

Another part of the mix is renewable energy – that’s energy that won’t run out.  Wind, water and the sun are types of renewable energy.

Having a mix is a really popular idea and there’s even a word for it – “Integrated Energy”.  It just means using a variety of different ways to get heat and electricity – some renewable sources, some new fuels and, until we can stop using them completely, nuclear and non-renewable fuels like coal, oil and gas.

But the less energy we use, the less we need to make.  Maybe you could walk instead of taking a car to school.  And switch off lights you’re not using.  What other ways can you think up to save energy?

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