Techno Security

Why do we use passwords?


login-username-passwordWhat’s the password?  Don’t know?  Then you’re not coming in!

Passwords and secret codes aren’t just fun – technology makes use of codes to keep your information safe from other people.

When grown-ups buy things on the internet or pass personal information around, encryption technology jumbles up the information using complicated codes so that no one else can read it, even if they did manage to steal a look.

You must be careful on the internet with personal information like your name and address.  If you think you need to type it in,  check with an adult first.

Encryption and passwords are fine for the digital world of the internet but what about protecting real things?

Another cool way technology and codes helps keep things secure is with Smart Water.  A code is hidden in water and if a valuable item, like money being delivered to a shop or bank is disturbed, the water sprays on the thief.

The water can only be seen under an ultraviolet light and it’s not easy to wash off.  It carries a code that tells the police about the item.


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