WiFi Wonders

How does WiFi work?


RouterIf you use the internet at home or school, you may have been using it with Wifi.  But what is it?

Wifi is a way for your computer to talk to other computers without wires connecting them together.

Data is a word for information. On our computers there’s loads of data.  It could be pictures, videos, words or music.

Inside your computer is a wireless adapter. It turns the data into a radio signal and sends it out into the airwaves.

A router is a box that’s looking out for data and when it receives it, it decodes the radio signal back into data and then sends the information to the internet using wires called Ethernet connections.

It’s similar to the way that walkie talkies and mobile phones work, and is a two way process.  The router also sends data from the internet back to your computer.

Why not look out for Wifi Hotspots next time you’re out and about?


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