What new technology is being tested at The North Pole?

Santamory has the answer!

santamory2Hello, Santamory here! You know, the one in charge of all the science and technology here at the North Pole.

We’re always exploring science and trying out new technologies to get those presents delivered more quickly. I thought you might like to know some of the things that have caught my eye.

One of the problems we have is the weight of all the toys – certainly makes life hard for our reindeers. So we have been experimenting with a reversible thermodynamic processor – a sort of nano-toymaker known as the “magic sack”. This creates toys for good girls and boys as Santa is travelling – significantly cutting down on the overall weight of the sleigh. The magic sack uses carbon-based soot from chimneys and chemicals you humans put into the atmosphere to make the toys en route.

We’ve also been looking at whether we can equip the reindeers with side-mounted jetpacks powered by cold fusion. We’ve discovered that these would need to be arrayed in such a way as to create a stable reindeer-sleigh system. The reindeers need to be equally spaced and weighted – otherwise the sleigh would veer to one side. Santa would use the reins not only to direct the heads of the reindeer, but to also direct the orientation of the jetpacks for precision flight.

Early tests have been promising although a few stunt reindeers did end up stuck on top of the workshop roof. So a little more refinement needed there – maybe one for next year.

We have also been looking into using different materials in the body of the sleigh and the runners. One new idea is to use a honeycombed titanium alloy – this is very lightweight and 20 times stronger than anything we can make today.

We’ve found that some new materials help the sleigh alter its shape slightly to improve its aerodynamics and allow it to cut through the air more efficiently. We’re also working on the runners being able to tuck in during flight to make the sleigh more aerodynamic. They then spread out again to provide stability for landing on various surfaces – such as steeply pitched roofs.

We always on the lookout for new ideas to help Santa deliver a quicker slicker service – so he can be back in time for breakfast. And what a breakfast that is!

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