Building towns for an ageing population: How can you help the elderly get around your town?

We're all living longer so towns need to be open for all!

As you get older, some parts of your body wear and tear and might not be as good as they are right now!

In our town planning series, Anna’s Nan uses a wheelchair.

Although her house has been adapted to help her get around, she can’t go to the shops or meet her friends as easily as she used to…

To town planners, these things really matter, especially as we’re all living longer!

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A condition called dementia can affect personality and memory, making people more forgetful than they used to be. That makes it hard for older people to get around so town planners try and develop safe spaces for all.

For example, it would be great if old people didn’t have to worry about steps and kerbs!

Anna’s Grandad said things being closer to home would help. He has to get the bus to the shops and that it’s hard when he forgets where he is.

Having everything nearer to home would definitely make it easier for people who have restricted mobility – whatever age they are!

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