Drone delivery, self-driving cars, and the future of cities!

What could the future look like?

Digital technology will be a big part of our future spaces! Tablet charging ports on every street corner. Virtual reality parks for people to explore…

Cities are packed full of problems and issues but they’re also the first to get some of the best technology in the world.

It makes sense to try and solve some of our issues with tech, right?

Just imagine it now! Self-driving cars that eradicate accidents, drones dropping shopping to your doorstep, and schools with holographic teachers! Plus, in Smart Cities, there will be Wi-Fi EVERYWHERE for FREE!

That’s really important because we use the internet for pretty much everything – finding somewhere to eat and drink, or to map a route.

Self-driving cars

Cars that drive themselves are already being built and tested by some big companies.

They use sensors all around the car to detect danger and stop if something unpredictable happens, like a pedestrian walking in the way.

The hope is that cars that drive themselves are safer and more reliable than people-driven cars…

Drone delivery

Of course, some of the major things we see on our roads are vans, trucks, and lorries! These vehicles carry stuff we’ve bought all over the country.

They also cause a lot of pollution and take up a lot of space.

Amazon have been trialling drone delivery meaning your book or cool new toy could soon be delivered by a robot that flies!

One big problem with this new technology is that nobody’s really sure how it should work.

Current rules say ‘automated’ things must be overseen by a human. If you’re in a self-driving car, you should be ready to take over at any moment. If you’re flying a drone, you must be able to see it.

These are all problems that the government and town planners are working on!

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