How would you improve your town? Let us know!

Maybe you'd build more roads, or add cycle paths?

Agent Plan-It is Fun Kids’ very own town planning expert and she’s setting you a challenge!

Check out real life problems which could be solved by better planning.

Take your walk to school, for example. It could only be a five minute walk, but you might have to cross THREE roads!

If these areas were no car zones, everyone could walk or cycle, and we’d all be healthier – less pollution too!

See what happened when Paris banned cars for the day!

Is your high-street filled with empty, unused shops? It might have been a bustling high street fifty years ago but the way we shop has changed. Now, and in the future, this space might be better used for something else – like housing!

High rise housing can solve some problems, especially when more housing is needed – and needed quickly.

Maybe you could create Green Walls on blocks of flats to help wildlife – that’s where plants are placed on the building itself!

Find out more about town planning!

How would you change your town?

We want to know! Leave us a comment below and tell us.

Maybe you’d create more cycle paths, add car-free zones, or perhaps you think you need a train station?

Whatever it is, we’re interested in your suggestions!

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Building Towns and Cities: Planning and Architecture Explained for Kids

Discover how towns and cities are built!


Agent Plan-It, created with support from the Royal Town Planning Institute.

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