Does the sewer go into the sea? How does power get to my home? And when are my bins collected?

These are all essential services!

In our town planning series, Agent Plan-It’s been teaching Anna all about how to design a town.

But there’s something important that Anna’s forgotten! It’s all to do with essential services, something every town planner must know about!

Essential services are things that people need in order to make life comfortable. Take power, for example…

In the countryside, power is carried along big overhead wires, supported by pylons.

In towns and cities, power tends to be carried via underground cables, weaving in-between things like telephone lines and sewers!

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Of course, waste management is also big job. We all poop and pee and all of that waste needs to go somewhere.

It ends up in sewers and sometimes new sewers need to be built in order to handle lots of new people.

In olden times, sewers usually just flowed out into the sea… Sometimes they still do!

Joseph Bazalgette is the man responsible for building the sewer system in London although that was way back in the 19th century.

That same system is still in use today but a lot more people are living and working in London and sometimes the sewers just can’t handle all of that waste.

So, occasionally, it flushes it out into the Thames… Yuck!

It’s not just bodily waste that planners need to deal with.

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Waste collections, like recycling and landfill, need to be organised too.

The streets also need to be wide enough for everyone to leave their bin out and for the bin lorry to come and collect it!

Remember that there isn’t just one way of doing things – different towns will have different people living there.

You just need to Plan It. And who better to help than AGENT PLAN-IT!

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