What should you do if you find money? The rules of finders keepers!

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Values, Money and Me helps you explore the world of money, and the choices we all have to make to look after the money we have.

Listen to the story below, then try each Consequence Challenge to see how your choices work out.

Dale and Kyle find a bundle of money in the street.

Should they keep it or hand it in to someone? What would you do?

If you find a lot of money in the street, what’s the best thing to do?

A. Keep the money for yourself

B. Leave it where it is

C. Tell a grown up or take it to the police

It’s C. Keeping the money yourself is not the right thing to do.  You should make every effort to find out who the money belongs to. The best thing is to hand it into the police.  They have special rules about what to do with money that is found. Also, the person who lost it may think of asking at the police station if anyone has handed it in.

If you find something that looks valuable, but that isn’t yours what should you do?  

A. Take it to an adult

B. Leave it but tell an adult you trust

C. Keep it safe in your pocket

The right answer is B.  It’s best not to touch things you find on the street as they might not be safe.  Find a grown up and tell them.

When would it be okay to keep money that you found?  

A. When you didn’t know who it belonged to and couldn’t give it back

B. It is never okay to keep money that doesn’t belong to you

C. When you think the money you found was stolen

B again!  Even though it might be a nice idea to have free money, if you didn’t earn it, win it, or get given it, it isn’t yours.

If your ball goes into your neighbour’s garden what should you do?

A. Ask them if you can get it back

B. Get it back without asking

C. Wait until it’s dark and get it back without them noticing

Did you pick A?  Well done! Asking is always the right thing to do.  

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