Kids’ Guide to Cork

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Hi, it’s Zoom here from Birmingham Airport!

I love travelling and keeping a record of all the places I’ve visited in my scrapbook!

Check out this entry from Cork!



Cork is the Republic of Ireland’s second largest city.

A 1 and a half hour flight from Birmingham Airport.

I started off my trip on the Ballycotton Cliff Walk – the scenery was spectacular, as was the wildlife!


A sign in the car park said I could see 300 species of bird life – I  managed to get some great photos of at least30  species to put in my scrapbook!

After the cliffs, I thought I would get down to the water – Cork has a great harbour!

To see as much as possible I went on a Sea Safari – a high speed adventure on a rib boat. You can see Basking Sharks and Dolphins in the summer! I kept the brochure as a souvenir for my scrapbook!


Back on dry land, I climbed the bell tower at St Anne’s Church, and pulled the ropes to ring the bells – I thought a good tune might be ‘Oh Danny Boy’. Anyone can have a go!

I finished my trip at Fota Wildlife Park… now this isn’t your traditional zoo – it’s a park filled with wildlife!

In fact the many of the animals are allowed to roam free – and may even come up to say hello! I got a great photo of a giraffe for my scrapbook!


I love being able to remember the trips that I have done.

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