Kids’ Guide to Jamaica

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Hi, it’s Zoom here from Birmingham Airport!

I love travelling and keeping a record of all the places I’ve visited in my scrapbook!

Check out this entry from Jamaica!

jamaica 5


Jamaica is the 5th largest island in the Caribbean!

It’s a nine hour flight from Birmingham Airport.

This was one of the funkiest places I’ve ever been to! The beaches are great and the music is amazing.  But Jamaica has more than just beaches. There’s so much to do!


Port Royal is a cool place that was once run by a group of villainous buccaneers – the Port Royal Privateers! Although brave they were also notorious and brutal. Luckily, they’re not there anymore! It all came to an end in 1692 when Port Royal was destroyed by an earthquake. The “Giddy House” still exists – although at a 35 degree angle!


Jamaica is Reggae music’s home.  You’ll hear Reggae everywhere, as well as steel bands. Got a great photo for my scrapbook of the steel drummers doing their thing!

jamaica 4

Montego Bay in Jamaica is pretty special… it glows in the dark! I’m not joking! At night, the waters glow green from microscopic animals that are – now here’s a fancy word for you – bioluminescent!

I love being able to remember the trips that I have done.

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