Kids’ Guide to Kefalonia

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Geis Sas! Kefalonia is an amazing island located on the West coast of Greece. It’s famous for its fantastic sights, beaches and pretty seaside villages. The northern rocky coastline has small and clean, pebble beaches whilst those on the southern shores are long and sandy. Perfect for sandcastles!


Do you like Greek Mythology? Kefalonia has caves filled with stories about the Greek Gods. Some are over 90m deep! Cave Drogarati is one the oldest and largest caves in Greece, whilst Lake Cave of Melissani was once chosen as the place of worship for the Greek god of nature and his companion nymphs! I jumped aboard one of the colourful lake-boats for a tour around and heard some great folktales inspired by Melissani’s luminous waters!


Homemade pies are the island’s delicacy – freshly baked meat pies, spinach pies and local favourite cod-pie will get your taste buds dancing. Here’s a photo of one of them.

I love being able to remember the trips that I have done.

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