Fun Kids’ Guide to Quebec

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Hi, it’s Zoom here from Birmingham Airport!

I love travelling and keeping a record of all the places I’ve visited in my scrapbook!

Check out this entry from Quebec!


The Candadian City of Quebec

It’s a 12 hour flight from Birmingham Airport via Toronto.

Bonjour! Did you know that French is the main language spoken in Quebec?  Québec City is in North East Canada on the famous St Lawrence River.  Over time, both the French and British have ruled this city! There’s influences of both nations all over the place! In fact exploring Old Québec on foot is like travelling back in time!


It’s not all history though! I had loads of fun at the Galeries de la Capitale’s Mega Parc which is a massive indoor amusement park! You could play some Mini Golf, go bowling or ice skating! I Here’s a tip, if you’re going to take a selfie on any of the rides, do it on the ferris wheel, not the roller coaster!


Connecting the upper and lower sections of Québec City is the Acliff Railway! It looks pretty scary but it’s perfectly safe! It’s the only one of its kind in North America.   It takes you up 195 feet – and what views!  Perfect for scrapbook photos!


If you get to Quebec in the winter, make sure you check out the Winter Carnival! It’s the biggest winter carnival in the world with snow sculptures, sleigh rides and night parades!

I love being able to remember the trips that I have done.

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