Fun Kid’s Guide to Venice

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Venice is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea.

It’s just over a one hour flight from Birmingham Airport.


Fancy visiting a city where everybody travels by boat instead of car? – Venice is a unique city built upon a lagoon surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. In fact, Venice is really 118 islands all connected by hundreds of beautiful bridges and scenic canals. Remember though there are no cars in Venice, you have to walk or take a water bus or taxi!

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You should check out Venice during Carnival, when the streets are filled with people dressed in colourful costumes and masks.  A great souvenir would be one of the amazing carnival masks.


Venice is full of great places to see – take a lift up the bell tower at San Giorgio to get a bird’s eye view of Venice – and the pigeons in the square below. It’s a great way to get a feel for the city.


St Mark’s Square or Piazza San Marco is the only urban space big enough to be called a piazza in Venice – the rest are just Campi. It’s been the center of Venetian social life for 1,000 years.  It’s also home to the Doge’s Palace, once the center of Venetian government.  You might prefer the Armoury filled with antique weapons and the Bridge of Sighs that connects the palace to the dungeons where prisoners spent their last days before being executed.

I love being able to remember the trips that I have done.

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