Kids’ Guide to Hanover

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Hi, it’s Zoom here from Birmingham Airport!

I love travelling and keeping a record of all the places I’ve visited in my scrapbook!

Check out this entry from Hanover!

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Hanover is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities!

It takes just under 2 hours to fly here from Birmingham Airport.

The Marktplatz in the centre of the Old Town is where you find many of the city’s historic and quirky buildings.

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I learnt so much in Hanover from the amazing museums there! My favourite was the Zinnober Children’s Museum – you’ll love this as it has interactive exhibitions where you can get involved and try things out!

The Tramway Museum is also pretty cool – it makes the history of trams come alive, whether a 19th century horse-drawn tram or a more modern underground train.

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Phew!  After that, you might need a bit of fresh air – and what better than Eilenriede – Europe‘s forest, that’s also in the middle of a city! The locals call it “The Green Lung!”  If you’re lucky, you may see deer, foxes or bats.

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If you’re a bit of an animal lover, there’s plenty more to see at Hanover Zoo.  You can take a boat down the Zambezi through the savannah, follow the Evolution Trail to the top of the Gorilla Mountain, and see elephants, tigers and pythons in the Indian Jungle Palace.

Yukon Bay Eroeffnung im Zoo Hannover

I love being able to remember the trips that I have done.

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