Fun Kids’ Guide to Osaka

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I love travelling and keeping a record of all the places I’ve visited in my scrapbook!

Check out this entry from Osaka!

osaka castle


Osaka is Japan’s third largest city!  –If you like castles, Osaka’s castle dates back to 1583 and was the largest castle at the time. It used to have an amazing tower, but that burnt down after being struck by lightning in 1665. The tower you can see today was built in 1931.

Kids Plaza Osaka is a museum where kids are encouraged to learn through play. I remember that you choose a role to play, put on the correct costume and head to the supermarket to buy plastic groceries!  My favourite was the TV studio where I helped create a news programme – I got a great photo of me reading the news for my scrapbook!


Osaka Aquarium is a spectacular place!  They have dolphins, whales, turtles, jellyfishes and penguins, and not forgetting the whale shark. The best time to visit the Aquarium?  Feeding time!

I love being able to remember the trips that I have done.

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