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FILMCLUB: Parliament Week Season

Our friends at FILMCLUB are celebrating Parliament Week with a special film season that looks at democracy!

Here’s a selection of movies that look at Democracy in the Past:


Robin Hood (U)





This is a Disney classic that’s packed full of action. Robin Hood is famous throughout the land for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Robin has to overcome the nasty Prince John to help the poor people of Nottingham and save his love, Maid Marion.


The Sword in the Stone (U)





This film is all about the story of King Arthur. He is a young boy known as ‘Wart’, who meets a slightly crazy wizard called Merlin the Magician. They come across a sword in a stone that has a legend behind it. Anyone who can pull the sword from the stone is the rightful heir to the throne! Could Arthur be the one?


Elizabeth (15)






This film is about the life of Queen Elizabeth I and how she came to rule the country. The Queen was pushed on to the throne when she was only a little girl with no idea how to rule a country. The film follows her struggles to learn.


Mongol (15)





This film is set over 1000 years ago in Mongolia. It follows the ruler Genghis Khan who built a huge empire over Asia.


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