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FILMCLUB: Parliament Week Season

Our friends at FILMCLUB are celebrating Parliament Week with a special film season that looks at democracy!

Here’s a selection of movies that look at Democracy Today:


Pom Poko (PG)

This story is about a group of mischievous Japanese raccoons. Humans are closing in and trying to take over the raccoons’ home. The raccoons then set about scaring away the humans, but find out we’re not they’re only rivals in this territory.


Whale Rider (PG)

This story is set in a Maori tribe in New Zealand. A young girl thinks that she is the rightful leader of the tribe and sets about persuading people that a girl can do it!


The Help (12)

This film is about a young journalist who is trying to find out about life as a maid in the deep south of America. The journalist is trying to get to the bottom of why people aren’t being treated equally.


Burma (12)

Burma is a documentary about a protest that happened in Burma in 2007. It was led by Buddhist monks against the army of the country.


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