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FILMCLUB: Parliament Week Season

Our friends at FILMCLUB are celebrating Parliament Week with a special film season that looks at democracy!

Here’s a selection of movies that look at Democracy in the Future:


Wall-E (U)

Wall-E is one of our favourite Disney Pixar movies at Fun Kids. It’s about a sad looking robot who has been left to clean up the Earth. He potters about, doing his job, until he meets anther robot called Eve. This is when his eyes are opened and everything changes.


Planet of the Apes (PG)

When Taylor’s spaceship crash lands in the year 3978 he thinks he’s lucky to be alive. But as soon as he steps out onto this strange world he discovers it is ruled by super-intelligent apes. The apes have made Humans their slaves and Taylor soon discovers the terrible truth.


Hunger Games (12)

This is a film adaptation of the hit book The Hunger Games. It’s all about American life in the future.


V for Vendetta (15)

This is a great film that is all about democracy. The country is currently ruled by a dictator who makes all the decisions until V comes along. He stirs up a revolution and brings down the dictatorship.



FILMCLUB is a nationwide education charity and experts in film for young people. The initiative offers access to thousands of popular and classic films from around the world for young people and teachers to watch and discuss in their school film clubs.

If you would like a club in your school as your teacher to visit for more information. And don’t forget you can browse the website for fantastic film recommendations for all the family!

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