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Justin Bieber “I am never coming back to the UK!”


Justin Bieber has been in the UK over the last few weeks for his ‘Believe’ tour and he’s had a pretty eventful time.

He went out for his birthday which he said was ‘the worst ever!’. He was over 2 hours late for his first gig at the O2 in London. On his next show he got ill and had to go to hospital.

Then he got in an argument with a photographer and apparently shouted ‘I am never coming back here!’

JB 2

Fortunately JB then went on Twitter and told his fans that he ‘loves his UK beliebers’ and he will be coming back. Yay.

Justin also said ‘I loved every show I had at the O2 this past week. the UK Beliebers are incredible’.

Lets hope the next time Justin Bieber comes to the UK he has a better time. And uses capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

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And here’s our favourite new JB song, it’s ‘All Around The World’!


  • cool 528 said:

    i dont like justin beiber

  • Megan Treble said:

    Im so glad , i absolutly can not stand him, he can go back to amercia selfish.

  • Ruairidh said:

    I hope he doesnt come back he isn’t welcome here anymore!

  • Amena said:

    I hate him

  • Thai Johnson said:

    He has probably lost a lot of fans saying stuff like that but then he probably doesn’t, care as he has lots more. But he should respect our country just cause he had a bad day don’t think that it’s always that bad. I love our country and i’m proud to be British lol

  • JUstinbieberisfugly said:

    I hate him too sososososososo MUCH . He smells like a bottom. Pooey.

  • George said:

    SITE is the best in the world

  • georgia said:

    he should stay in america , he gets payed £1000+ of money and he is not respectful to the UK !

  • musicgamerpro said:

    JB: “I’m never coming back to the UK” =
    :Massive Parties in UK:

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