The History of Horrid Henry!

Horrid-Henry-Nightmare-CoverHorrid Henry is back with a brand new book called Horrid Henry’s Nightmare. Written by Francesa Simon and with drawings from Tony Ross, you can enjoy four new funny Horrid Henry Stories.

There’s Horrid Henry’s Mother’s Day, which is probably not the day his mum looks forward to most in the year when Henry’s your son!

Then Horrid Henry has his own nightmare when he’s chased by a ghost bunny with huge teeth, a wailing graveyard ghost and a slimy zombie!

There’s also the return of one of his greatest enemies in The Return of the Demon Dinner Lady, and then for good measure you can read Fluffy Struts Her Stuff!

Horrid Henry’s Nightmare is out now – click here to find out more!

horrid-henry-books-pic2The new book got us thinking, for someone as HORRID as Henry he hasn’t really had many nightmares before. In fact, he often gets away with stuff most of us only dream about!

So we’ve gone through all the Horrid Henry books to pull out some of our favourite Horrid Henry moments of all time!

Click here to check out the full Horrid Henry collection!

horrid-henry-time-machine-drawingHorrid Henry’s Birthday

Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Time Machine

Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire

horrid-henry-magic--drawingHorrid Henry Wakes the Dead

Horrid Henry’s Author Visit

Moody Margaret’s Sleepover

Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie

Horrid Henry Meets the Queen

What are your favourite Horrid Henry bits?
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