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Watch Fun Direction ‐ Kiss You!

It’s finally here ‐ the Fun Kids presenter’s version of the One Direction ‘Kiss You’ video!

Watch it below…

Last week, Hannah challenged Josh to put together a boy band out of the Fun Kids presenters and here they are!

Bex, Sean, Jamie and Josh got together to make Fun Direction and their first ever music video.

Let us know what you think of the video in the comment box below!

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And here’s the original version of the video by One Direction


  • Erin leahy said:

    Cool I like them both but fun kids better

  • Erin leahy said:

    One direction are brilliant !!!

  • Navleen said:

    One direction is awesomerrr

  • Navleen said:

    I love you Harry!!!!!!

  • chloe said:

    I will NEVER watch the real music video the same way AGAIN *__* eek

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