Who are Stereo Kicks: the new X Factor Boyband?


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There’s a brand-new boyband taking The X Factor by storm – it’s Stereo Kicks!

James, Reece, Tom, Casey, Jake, Charlie, Barclay and Chris (yes, there’s eight of them!) were formed by show bosses after each failed¬†to make it through Boot Camp as solo artists.

Simon and the judges saw potential in the boys though and formed this gigantic super-group, which Louis sent straight through to the Live Shows!

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We love Stereo Kicks here at Fun Kids and think the eight-some (is that a thing?) are definitely one of the favourites to win the competition!

So who are Stereo Kicks?


James Graham (17)

  • Volunteers at a music studio in Essex.
  • Lives at home with his parents
  • Left school two years ago

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Reece Bibby (15)

  • He’s from Lancashire
  • His Dad is his inspiration
  • Taught himself guitar¬†through YouTube videos

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Tom Mann (20)

  • Oldest in the group
  • He’s a¬†musician and football coach
  • Got to Boot Camp last year

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Casey Johnson (19)

  • Works in a shop in London
  • First attempt at making it in music
  • Calls himself a ‘ladies man’!

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Jake Sims (19)

  • Student from Bristol
  • Looks after his Mum and sister
  • His Mum is his inspiration

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Charlie Jones (14)

  • Youngest in the group
  • Born in Kent
  • Singing since he was 8

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Barclay Beales (18)

  • Works as a tyre fitter
  • Previously wanted to be a professional footballer
  • Got to Boot Camp last year

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Chris Leonard (18)

  • Works in a bar in Ireland
  • Singing since he was 4
  • Used to be in a different boyband

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Watch Stereo Kicks in action below…

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