What do you think of the new £10 note?

We asked on Popjam!

We asked our followers on Popjam what they thought of the new £10 note!

It looks and feels similar to the new £5 note and comes out in September this year.

You all had loads to say about it, so we thought we’d share your comments here!

Cakeydiamond6894 and flo12345 both loved it, as did Unicorns2017 who said it looked epic!

Loads of you thought it was really cool, including Lou919 and pearl14gold! Little_A_Rose and izzy38966 both said ‘Wow’!

But not all of you were convinced!

amethystbunsnoll_12 didn’t know a new £10 note was coming and Squidgy_Cruncher said:

That looks epic!!  Not sure about the orange tho, maybe another colour??

One of you even thought the new £10 note was fake because you hadn’t seen it yet.

That’s because it comes out on September 14th 2017 and is made from the same plastic polymer as the £5 note.

Learn more about the new £10 note!

The plastic is supposed to last longer, be cleaner, and be more secure.

Creator11 noticed that. They said “It’s just like the fiver”!

The new £10 note will feature author Jane Austen on the back as well as a hologram of Winchester Cathedral.

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