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‘Today’s a Brand New Day’ (music CDs from Alite)


“Today’s a Brand New Day” music CDs

A collection of 31 enchanting songs to help young children become good learners:

  • The first set of songs is about Preparing for Learning. It features songs to do with Food, Water, Sleep and Exercise.
  • The second set of songs tell us about the BASICS of successful learning – Belonging, Aspirations, Safety, Identity, Challenge, Success
  • Finally, there is a set of songs about different ways to learn: Planning, Asking, Using all our Senses, Problem Solving, Concentrating

There are welcome songs, a tidy time song and songs to use for recalling what has been done, and celebrating achievement. Lots of the songs are great for using during short breaks in the day. Many of the songs help develop musical skills.

A booklet explains how children will be able to participate in all the songs in different ways. There are some repeat tracks at the end which facilitate even more participation. The CD will also be enjoyed if listened to right through from start to finish.

The children say:

“I like it because we can dance to it!” Stephanie (aged 4)

“I like it because I sing it in my house.” Caitlin (aged 4)

“I like hearing all the instruments.’ Jo (aged 6)

“I like the message of the song that we have to keep on trying.” Alexia (aged 7)

“I like the Country Criss Cross because you have to listen carefully and concentrate to do all the actions.” Alexia (aged 7)

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