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Techno Mum: Can you tell me how electricity gets into my house please?

Ep 5 – We might never see it, but we use electricity every day. So how does it get into your house? Certainly not through the front door! Techno Mum helps explain how we get power to our switches and sockets.

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Techno Mum: I saw a news report about the new railway being built under London. How do they dig tunnels for trains without them collapsing?

Techno Mum: Can you explain how engineers can help in emergencies like with what happened in the Philippines?

Techno Mum: My dad’s watch powers itself just by him moving his hand around. How does that work?

Techno Mum: My mum always tells me sleeping is important to recharge our batteries. So is recharging a phone or a tablet like the gadget sleeping?

Techno Mum: I recently got a tablet for my birthday. How does it know when I’m touching the screen?

Techno Mum: My friend said there’s loads of junk floating around in space. Is that true and how much is there?

Techno Mum: Can you tell me how much faster the internet might get in the future?

Techno Mum: My dad says that you can’t put metal things like forks in the microwave. Why not?

Techno Mum: Is it true that you can run a car on chip fat?

Techno Mum: How do mobile phones find the person you’re calling?

Techno Mum: When I build a tower out of bricks and make it really tall, it gets all wobbly and falls over. So why don’t skyscrapers fall over?

Techno Mum: My parents have just bought a new car, but it won’t be here for another 3 months. How long does it take to build a car?

Techno Mum: Is it possible to design planes that go faster than the ones we have now?

Techno Mum: Can you tell me what an engineer actually does? Is it something to do with engines?

Techno Mum: Charge It Up

Techno Mum: Techno Security

Techno Mum: Zappers and Controllers

Techno Mum: Wifi Wonders

Techno Mum: Wave Magic

Techno Mum: Terrific Telly

Techno Mum: How Things Fly

Techno Mum: Lighting

Techno Mum: Seeing Clearly

Techno Mum: DAB Digital Radio

Techno Mum: Picture Technology

Techno Mum: Medical Robots

Techno Mum: Connected Health

Techno Mum: Keeping Warm

Techno Mum – Handy Heat

Techno Mum: Energy Efficiency

Techno Mum: Intergrated Energy

Techno Mum: Fire (Smoke Alarms- Detectors)

Techno Mum: Digital Roads (Fibre Optic Cables)

Techno Mum: Copy Cats (Printers & Photocopiers)

Techno Mum: MP3

Techno Mum: Cloud Computing

Techno Mum: Sat Nav and GPS

Techno Mum: Satellites

Techno Mum: Mobile Phones

Techno Mum: Pet ID and RFID

Techno Mum: Touch Screens

Techno Mum: Fingertip and Face Recognition

Techno Mum: Sensors in the Supermarket

Techno Mum: Home Wireless Technology

Techno Mum: Motion Sensor Games

Techno Mum: Competitive Sport

Techno Mum: Money

Techno Mum: Jet APU

Techno Mum: Electric & Hybrid Cars

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