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Ep 15 – Watching television can be really great, but how exactly do TVs work? Techno Mum explains all the facts behind this.

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Techno Mum: I saw a news report about the new railway being built under London. How do they dig tunnels for trains without them collapsing?

Techno Mum: Can you explain how engineers can help in emergencies like with what happened in the Philippines?

Techno Mum: My dad’s watch powers itself just by him moving his hand around. How does that work?

Techno Mum: My mum always tells me sleeping is important to recharge our batteries. So is recharging a phone or a tablet like the gadget sleeping?

Techno Mum: I recently got a tablet for my birthday. How does it know when I’m touching the screen?

Techno Mum: My friend said there’s loads of junk floating around in space. Is that true and how much is there?

Techno Mum: Can you tell me how much faster the internet might get in the future?

Techno Mum: My dad says that you can’t put metal things like forks in the microwave. Why not?

Techno Mum: Is it true that you can run a car on chip fat?

Techno Mum: How do mobile phones find the person you’re calling?

Techno Mum: Can you tell me how electricity gets into my house please?

Techno Mum: When I build a tower out of bricks and make it really tall, it gets all wobbly and falls over. So why don’t skyscrapers fall over?

Techno Mum: My parents have just bought a new car, but it won’t be here for another 3 months. How long does it take to build a car?

Techno Mum: Is it possible to design planes that go faster than the ones we have now?

Techno Mum: Can you tell me what an engineer actually does? Is it something to do with engines?

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