Breakfast with Sean

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Hello you lot! It’s Sean here from the Fun Kids Breakfast show!

Sean-Headshot2Make sure you’ve got your alarm-clock-radio-thingy set to Fun Kids the night before school and I’ll get you up in the morning with a load of top tunes and silly stories!

Don’t worry, if you’re being super lazy and still won’t budge, then I’ve got the ‘Half 7 Hooter’ (that’s at 7:30, obviously) – your final chance to wake up and get ready!

It’s also when we wake up my… erm… shall we say ‘co-presenter’ – the ever-so-mischievous Robot!

Even though it’s my name on the door, he still likes to think he’s the star of the show!

Catch me on Fun Kids every weekday from 6:30am!

Meet… Robot!

Robot is Sean’s co-presenter on the Fun Kids Breakfast show! He’s always getting himself and Sean into all sorts of bother! Have a listen to some of the best bits from Sean & Robot!

Click here to listen to Sean & Robot’s Best Bits!


Where can I hear Sean?

You can hear Sean every weekday from 6:30am on Fun Kids!

Fun Kids is the UK’s children’s radio station. Tune in on DAB Digital Radio in London and the South East, on mobile and online at

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