Penguin Beach at ZSL London Zoo


ZSL-London-Zoo-GamesZSL London Zoo Little Creatures Family Festival is back! From Friday 29th to Sunday  31st August, there is a whole weekend packed with animal fun at ZSL London Zoo.

As well as the Zoo’s 17,000 animals to see, there are all sorts of live demonstrations, games, storytelling, workshops and a Teddy Bear Picnic!


ZSL-London-Zoo-PenguinsHang out at Penguin Beach, England’s biggest penguin pool!

Go underwater and watch through special windows to see the penguins show off their swimming skills, or watch them eat fish whole at the live feeding sessions.

PLUS! Penguin Beach is a breeding facility for colonies of Humboldt penguins so you can now visit the special penguin nursery, including a chick incubation unit and a pool where you can watch penguin chicks learning how to swim!

Watch Penguin Beach Live!