Pygmy Hippos at ZSL London Zoo


ZSL London Zoo Little Creatures Family Festival is back! From Friday 29th to Sunday  31st August, there is a whole weekend packed with animal fun at ZSL London Zoo.

As well as the Zoo’s 17,000 animals to see, there are all sorts of live demonstrations, games, storytelling, workshops and a Teddy Bear Picnic!


Pygmy Hippos London Zoo ZSLWhile you’re there make sure to check out Thug and Nicky in their plush new pad.

Thug and Nicky are pygmy hippos and while they’re smaller than their cousins, they can still weigh up to 300kg!

Pygmy hippos love long soaks in warm water! And their new enclosure has been equipped with solar panels to make sure their hippo pond is always a nice temperature, so Thug and Nicky can stay nice and warm all year long.

So you know what to expect, check out this cool video of Thug and Nicky checking out their new home: