Reptile House at ZSL London Zoo


ZSL London Zoo Little Creatures Family Festival is back! From Friday 29th to Sunday  31st August, there is a whole weekend packed with animal fun at ZSL London Zoo.

As well as the Zoo’s 17,000 animals to see, there are all sorts of live demonstrations, games, storytelling, workshops and a Teddy Bear Picnic!


London-Zoo-Dart-Frog-WebWhile you’re there, make sure you visit the Reptile House! Inside you’ll discover an amazing collection of reptiles and amphibians, including snakes, lizards, frogs and crocodiles!

You can meet all sorts of different snakes from the fastest to the most venomous in the world!

London-Zoo-Komodo-DragonAnd, if you’re brave enough, get face to face with one of the most deadly creatures in the world – the Komodo dragon!

Some of the easier creatures to see will be Dirk, Dolly and Dolores. They are Galapgos tortoises – the largest tortoises in the world.

Watch this video to see what you can expect: