Cher Lloyd ‘Did You Know’ Facts!


Think you know everything there is to know about Cher Lloyd? Well, just in case you’ve missed anything here are some quick-fire facts to make you her number one fan!

1. Cher’s full name is Cher Lloyd

2. Cher was born on 28th July 1993 in Malvern, Worcestershire

3. She has three siblings, Josh (15), Sophie (14) and Rosie who is (12)

4. Cher’s favourite subject in school was drama

5. Cher was 14 when she kissed for the first time

6. Cher auditioned for The X Factor twice before she made it through to the live shows

7. Cher is afraid of the dark.

8. If Cher was stuck on a desert island and had to have 3 things she would have a couple of pork pies, her nan, and her iPod (hope she’s thought of taking an iPod charger too!)

9. Cher doesn’t like Christmas songs!

10. Cher’s shoe size is a UK 3


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