Get Dancing with the Fun Kids Danceathon!


Children across the UK are encouraged to get up, get dancing and get fitter every Saturday with  the Fun Kids Danceathon!

The show, which is on every Saturday at 4pm, features sixty minutes of energetic toe tapping tunes, with dance moves and encouragement to get kids (and grown-ups) on their feet.

More about Fitter Families

The Fitter Families campaign is a step by step initiative that is not about “being fit” but focuses on “getting fitter”.  It uses simple and easy-to-understand language, helping each member of the family to lead healthier, longer, happier lives. Families will be invited to sign-up to Fitter Families through the website

The initiative is supported by a Fitter Families book, written by Ian Wright and Fit for Sport founder, Dean Horridge. The book provides simple tips for engaging the family in achieving a healthier lifestyle, such as walking to school, exercising the dog or swapping crisps for fruit; the book aims to motivate families to build fun activity and a sensible approach to food into their everyday life.

fitter-familiesVisit the Fitter Families website here.