‘A Day with Animal Doctors’ and ‘Just One More

For younger children

AnimalDoctorsA Day With the Animal Doctors

By Sharon Rentta

Terence is joining his mum for a day at the animal hospital. She’s a doctor, and today Terence is going to be one too.

Look out for the dog with a barky cough, a crocodile who has lost his false teeth, a giraffe with a crick in his neck, and the leopard who has lost his spots.

Doctor Terence discovers that he has wonderful bedside manners (he gives loads of cuddles) and is great at entertaining the patients in the waiting room. But he also finds that putting on bandages and helping give out the patients’ meals is a little more tricky….

There are thrills, spills (lots of spills) and fun galore as we follow Doctor Terence through his very special day.

Published by Scholastic Children’s Books


For older children

JustOneMoreJust One More

Stories by Joy Cowley, illus by Gavin Bishop

There’s a lot going on in these brilliant short stories by Joy Cowley. There’s a very lazy Gonna bird who has to change his ways, a monster who finds being mean is making him poorly, a farmer whose shoes wont stop walking and a tough alligator with snippy-snappy jaws.

Our favourite is the story of the woggly hole dug by a woggly shovel that follows around the boy who dug it, until he discovers that woggly holes have a use. You can also find out what happens when some children discover a very green elf (who doesn’t like being discovered) and his pet snail.

These are perfect stories to read at bedtime because they are very short but also very entertaining. We’re sure you’ll also want to write your own stories once you’ve read a few of these!

Published by Gecko Press


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