A man tried to wear 70 items of clothing on a flight!


In a Chinese airport, a man came up with an amazing way to save on baggage.

The airport wanted to charge him to take a bag on the plane, so he came up with an ingenious scheme – using himself as a human suitcase.

The man was wearing 60 shirts and 9 pairs of jeans. People said he looked like a sumo wrestler turning up to battle at an airport.

Sumo Wresteker

He was so keen not to have any bags, that he even kept all his phone chargers and batteries in the pockets of his 9 pairs of jeans.

Unfortunately, they set off the metal detector and security had to go through the 70 items of clothing, which must have taken a long, long time.

What all of us at Fun Kids are wondering is how he fitted in the seat. Or through the plane door!

Is this the silliest story you’ve ever heard?

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