A movie made by kids for kids!

Lights! Camera! Action! The Tate Movie Project Launches Today


Today is the launch of an exciting new project by Tate: the Tate Movie Project. They will be launching an interactive website and national roadshow as they invite kids from across the country to take part in making the Tate Movie. This is the first of its kind as it is an animation film made by and for kids!


The Tate Movie Project will be taking to the roads this weekend on a national three month tour of production workshops in their ultra-cool truck! This truck folds out into a state of the art creative learning studio, complete with sound studio space, computers and a screening facility, all of which can be cleared away for workshops and activities – it is basically the Batmobile of trucks!

eggAnd you will get a chance to see it yourself as it will be travelling to 55 locations across the UK, including primary schools, family events and festivals. If you do see it make sure you get involved as you will be able to work with artists and film-makers in the truck and learn loads about art, film-making and production.

If you don’t see it though, don’t worry as you can still get involved. At the heart of the Tate Movie Project is its website, www.tatemovie.co.uk. When you visit this site you can join in the whole movie making process online, from the hand-drawn characters and plot twists, down to costumes and sound effects. And throughout all of this you will be guided by Ronnie, the animated “Movie Director, and a host of other cartoon characters.

faceThis site is designed specifically for you and will allow you to explore animation, scripting, editing and sound effects. Plus, all of your creations and contributions will be uploaded directly onto the website and immediately become part of the project!

All of the stuff that you create will be combined with everyone else’s ideas and brought together by Tate, Aardman and BBC Learning in the most impressive way possible using the latest animation technology.

The finished film will be broadcast on BBC TV in mid-2011.

Here’s a small taste of the kind of stuff that this project is working on right now:

To find out more details, including where the truck will be going, visit www.tatemovie.co.uk.