A-Z of scariest places in Britain!


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To celebrate we’ve got a full A-Z of the spookiest and most haunted places in the UK. Check them out and see if you’ve been to any of them before!


A456, Hagley, Worcestershire

Near the Badger Sett pub the figure of a man in uniform similar to that of a 17th century Cavalier has startled motorists by running across the road. One driver who encountered him said he ran across two lanes before coming to a halt in the central reservation. He then dodged diagonally across the next lane, forcing the driver to slam on his brakes – his car went straight through the figure.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeachy Head, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Beachy Head has been the scene of numerous accidents over the years. It has seen numerous ghosts. Records state that a mysterious black monk has been seen in the area. Most reports have him standing at the foot of the cliffs, beckoning to those at the top of the cliffs to jump off.

Chingle Hill: Goosnargh, Lancashire

Father John Wall, born in the Hall in the 17th century, was hanged for heresy in Worcester in 1679. His head was taken to France but is believed to have eventually been brought back and buried at the Hall. It is said that if it is ever found then the hauntings will stop. Visitors have reported noises, apparitions and objects being moved. The most haunted room is the bedroom of Eleanor Singleton who was murdered at the hall.


Deane RoadDeane Road Cemetery, Liverpool

After the cemetery fell into disrepair during the 18th Century residents of the road have reported hearing children’s screams in the middle of the night, doors slamming unexpectedly and furniture seemingly rearranging itself. Some of the older houses on the street which may have been involved in keeping slaves during the slave trade in the latter part of the 19th Century have experienced screams, scratching sounds, loud footsteps, doors shutting and locking and supposed possession.


Epping Forest (Hangmans Hill)

The famous highwayman Dick Turpin had a hideout in the forest; he lived for many years in a cave at High Beach. He and his partner Tom King would rob most people who would pass by. Because of its proximity to the city of London, the forest is also a notorious burial area for murder victims. Another reason why this forest is notorious is because of its ghost stories. People have reported apparitions, lights and there’s even a spot called the Hangman’s Hill at High Beach where some claims that when put in neutral, your car is going to be pulled uphill.


Fyvie CastleFyvie Castle, Scotland
A story is told that in 1920 during renovation work the skeleton of a woman was discovered behind a bedroom wall. On the day the remains were laid to rest in Fyvie cemetery, the castle residents started to be plagued by strange noises and unexplained happenings. Fearing he had offended the dead woman, the Laird of the castle had the skeleton exhumed and replaced behind the bedroom wall, at which point the haunting ceased.


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GlamisGlamis Castle, Scotland
The family chapel is haunted by a Grey Lady, who is said to be the spirit of Lady Janet Douglas, burned at the stake as a witch on Castle Hill, Edinburgh in 1537, on charges of plotting to poison the King. It is likely that the charges were fabricated for political motives. The apparition has been seen relatively recently in the chapel by a number of witnesses. She is also said to appear above the Clock Tower.


Harlow Wood, Nottingham
On 7th July 1817 Elizabeth Shepherd, who was a seventeen year old girl, was found murdered near Harlow Wood. At the site of where Elizabeth’s body was found a memorial stone was erected. According to reports she is known to appear if the memorial stone is touched. There are also reports of footsteps being heard.


Igtham MoteIghtham Mote, Kent
Dorothy Selby lived in the castle, sent a letter to her cousin, Lord Moneagle, which resulted in the downfall of Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot. Supporters of Fawkes supposedly locked her in a room, bricked up the door and left her to die. Since then there has always been an unexplained coldness in that area in the house.


Jersey (St Brelade Church)- Parish church
The builders collected together all the building materials they needed in preparation, but the next day there was no sign of anything. They eventually found everything had been moved almost a mile away, near the sea. The workmen moved everything back again, only to find the same thing happened on the next day. They accepted this as the will of God, and built the church where it is today. There were several possible explanations for this change of site.


Kent, Shipwright Arms
Apparently, one Christmas Eve many years ago, a ship foundered off-shore and the only survivor struggled ashore and dragged himself to the only building in the area which was this “Pub”. Hearing someone tapping at the door, he opened the window and told them to go away, thinking it was one of his late night customers returned for “one for the road”. The following morning, the body of the sailor was found wedged against the door, dead as a door-nail. Since that time the old sailor has been seen here from time to time, usually accompanied by the aroma of rum and tobacco.


LlancaiachFawrManorLlancaiach Fawr Manor, near Caerphilly
As well as the ever-present spectral children, some of the most noted paranormal activity is the constant chatter of disembodied voices around the house. One particular room is said to frequently cause visitors to burst into tears.


Meggernie Castle, Scotland
An early Menzies of Culdares married a very beautiful woman much younger than himself. However, her youth and attractiveness led him to become jealous of her and he is said to have murdered her in a fit of rage. Having cut the body in two, he managed to bury the lower half in the graveyard one night, leaving the upper part still in the chest. Ghost sightings have involved guests staying at the castle who claim to have seen the upper part of a woman’s body floating through the air.


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NewsteadNewstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire
Reputedly Britian’s most haunted house, Newstead Abbey has a number of ghosts and attracts spook hunters from all over the world. The most famous resident of Newstead is the White Lady, the ghost of Sophie Hyatt a friend of Lord Byron who died in a tragic accident in 1825 and reportedly still wanders the gardens as she did when she was alive.


Old Ferryboat Inn, Cambridgeshire
17 year old Juliet hung herself from a tree in front of the Inn after being cruelly jilted by a young wood cutter who she had fallen in love with. Juliet cried until nightfall for her love when she decided she could not live without him. The villagers found Juliet the next morning and decided that she could not be buried on consecrated grounds as suicide was a huge sin. Juliet was buried within the Old Ferry Boat Inn. The ghost of Juliet has been sighted at midnight every year on the anniversary of her death. Her spirit rises from her grave and floats out of the Inn.


Pendle HillPendle Hill, Lancashire
In the year 1612, there was said to be a family of local peasants which lived in a huge limestone tower. These peasants had enormous powers and they were reported to be in league with the devil. Local people died of various mysterious illnesses at that time. Others were said to have died in great pain. The milk in the area turned sour and cattle died mysteriously too. People were afraid to go up the hill. A local magistrate, Roger Norwell, had the courage to arrest two of the people living in the tower. They were brought to Lancaster for trial and two days later, the rest of the “witches” were arrested and taken to Lancaster for trial. The Pendle Hill witches are said to still haunt the buildings and the villages.


Queen’s Head public house, Sheffield
The pub holds the reputation as one of the most haunted places in Sheffield, and one of the ghosts has been seen on many occasions near the stone fireplace and is said to be an old man with jugs of beer in his hands. The pub has been a main focus of many strange happening. For example a door inside the pub is locked at night and often found left open in the morning.


Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire
The white lady of the Hall is said to be Elizabeth Heskith. She was engaged to be married to a soldier who went off to settle down an uprising, unfortunately the solider died in battle. Elizabeth never gave up waiting for her love. She refused to take off her wedding dress and instead spent her days looking out the window waiting for her true love to return. He never returned and she eventually died. To this day her ghost wonders the halls searching for her one true love.


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The Tower of London
With all the blood, death and intrigue the Tower of London has been involved with in its 900-year history, there is little wonder that it has the reputation as one of the most haunted places in Britain. There have been literally hundreds of executions on Tower Hill, from claimants to the throne, political activists and petty criminals.


GhostVillage of Pluckley, Kent
The village of Pluckley has more than its fair share of ghost stories. At the crossroads bridge, the apparition of gypsy woman has been seen smoking a pipe. Apparently she used to sell watercress which she found in the stream. She is said to have haunted the site since she was somehow accidently burned to death.


Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire
Built of Cotswold stone by the freemason William Leigh in 1852, it was never completed and fully lived in. It has remained untouched by time since the mid-1870s when construction workers and craftsmen mysteriously downed tools. In 1902 a local vicar saw a strange apparition at the gates to the mansion and a few years later a phantom horseman was also seen on the drive.


York Dungeons
The Dungeons are famous for housing the likes of the highwayman, Dick Turpin, Guy Fawkes and Viking, King Eric Bloodaxe. Visitors and staff of the York dungeon have reported many strange occurrences from the feeling of someone closely walking behind them, to being touched in the dark.


We searched the British isles high and low for a place called Z, but couldn’t find one! Instead the Z this time will have to be for Zombie…which I’m sure are lurking somewhere in the UK!


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