Ailsa – a baby White Rhino

Ailsa, a baby White Rhino, wa born at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling on December 21.Ailsa

Ailsa was born to mother Dorothy (Dot for short) after a 16 month pregnancy (thats nearly twice as long for you to be born).

As Ailsa was born during Scotland’s coldest winter in 30 years, mum and calf have been kept indoors in their highly heated indoor pen.  Now with the weather getting better and temperature rising, Dot and Ailsa have been allowed to venture out into their covered outdoor enclosure.

Dot and Ailsa share their enclosure with 3 other rhinos – Graham (who’s dad), Mazumba or Maz (sister), and Jane an unrelated adult female.

As Ailsa is still very young it will be another few months yet until she is mixed with the rest of her herd.

See a video of Ailsa being weighed