Alex’s Blog: A Boy and his Atom

A boy and his atomHowdy! It’s Alex from The Junior Club here!

This year there’ll loads of big, big movies coming out, like Wolverine, Thor and Superman. But have you seen the world’s smallest film yet?

It’s called A Boy and His Atom and is a cartoon made from actual individual atoms.

It’s so small that if you laid 1000 frames side by side, it would still be smaller than the width of 1 of you hairs. It’s tinier than the tiny cowboy in that cheese advert.

The film was made by a company called IBM as an experiment to see how small they can make computer information.

I don’t think you get much smaller than individual atoms. Check out a clip below…

What do you think of the film? I think it’s amazing, but I don’t think it will win any Oscars this year.

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