Alex’s Blog: Chewbacca Donkey

photoHello, it’s Alex from The Junior Club here!

A few months ago I wrote a blog about a dog that looks like an Ewok from Star Wars.

Since then I have been searching the galaxy for other Star Wars animals without much luck. However, this morning I used The Force and found this – a donkey that looks like Chewbacca!

It’s actually a species of donkey called ‘Baudet de Poitou’ and they date back to medieval times. They are bigger than your average donkey and can grow to an amazing 8 feet tall! However they are endangered and there are fewer than 1000 of them in the world.

I wonder what we’ll find next. A frog that looks like Yoda? A beetle that looks like Darth Vader? Or a snake that glows like a light sabre? Keep your (Jed) eyes out for them and let me know if you see anything in the comment box below.

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