Alienograpy or How to Spot an Alien Invasion!

Alienography_FC 300dpiWe all know that the most important question we ponder when eating lunch or sitting on the bus going home is: am I prepared for an extraterrestrial encounter?

Well, perhaps it is only us at Fun Kids that are thinking about it this much, but at least we’re prepared! And it’s all thanks to the brilliant book Alienography or How to Spot an Alien Invasion and What to Do About It!

Do you know the difference between a Nostromian Weevil and a Zyglon Tentacle Beast? Could you resist an invasion of Purple Peekons? And can you outwit a Fantabbydosian? No? Then you need to get this book too!

Packed with revolting aliens and impossible spaceships, this extroadinary book is hilarious! It also has tons of brilliant illustrations as well as novelty elements, including six pull-out postcards, a mini “Who’s What and From Where” booklet and a “Bottom Trumps” card game. We reckon that this is one of Chris Riddell’s best ever books!

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