All Stars Film Review!

Our friends from FILMCLUB have got the scoop on All Stars which is out on DVD right now. Here’s what FILMCLUB members Laura and Jacob thought of it…

Laura aged 13: “Dance films often seem to all follow the same storyline or plot, this can make them predictable and boring. However some dance films do something the complete opposite and make up a whole new plot, but this can lead to the film being slightly far-fetched and annoying.

All Stars has the perfect mix of the two. With both old and new collided together the film keeps you entertained and excited. The film itself follows two brilliantly acted kids – Ethan (Theo Stephenson, known for starring in Horrid Henry) and Jaden (Got to Dance winner Akai) who are brought together in trying to save their local youth centre which is in desperate need of money.

The dance routines in this film are incredible – from origami forests to space invaders re-enactments and white warriors to luminous lights. Also look out for the incredible John Barrowman play a slightly more serious character to his normal roles and the beautiful Girls Aloud singer Kimberly Walsh play the mother of Ethan.

The witty and subtle comedy that runs throughout is a great touch to make the film slightly more light-hearted. Finally, in my opinion director Ben Gregor has definitely made his mark in the film industry with such an imaginative film as his first feature length. I would love to see more from him and see if his future films can top All Stars!”

Jacob aged 10: “I think All Stars was a very funny and impressive film. It had some good jokes, very talented characters and exceptional dancing! During the film, it really gives you the spirit to dance, knowing that you can be that good if you practice more.

Overall, I highly recommend this film, definitely 5 stars and when you get the time, either take a street dance class or pop to the shops, get this film and watch it”

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