An alligator motorbike that helps to save pets

gatorbikeWhen it comes to spreading the message about conserving wildlife, you normally would see a poster or hear about protesters chaining themselves to a tree or digging tunnels in front of road-builders.

Well, how about GatorBike – the alligator motorbike that helps to save pets??

GatorBike is part motor bike, part alligator.  Its maker had an alligator skin but did not want to see it go to waste.  He therefore covered his £50,000, 3m (10ft) chrome beast with the skin!  The 120mph reptilian ride features the skin and skull of an alligator culled and donated by state officials.  The skin is detachable but the head is fixed perm-anently into the handlebars and has the speedometer implanted into the back of the skull.

Now the bike is for sale to raise money for charity – at just £75 per ticket.

Jim Jablon, owner of the Wildlife Rehab centre in Hernando, Florida, devised the GatorBike to raise funds for the charity, which rescues neglected or abused exotic pets.

And the prize draw is set to be just as quirky as the toothy two-wheeler itself – with the winning ticket to be plucked from a pool full of alligators!!

gatorbike 2