An Important Message from Chuck

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Hello everyone,

I’m very happy to tell you that my Chuck Teaching Resources & Interactive Packs for parents and school teachers have been made based on two of my 14 stories that are on Fun Kids — “Chuck and the Farm Pond” and “Chuck and the Sparkling Water”.

Along with an animated version of each story, the suggested teaching plan is supplied with special resources, including worksheets, interactive files and colouring books. You can also have my own animated song video – ‘Love Your World!’

To sing along, check out the video below:

Also for a bit more information on me and my friends on the farm you can go to my website at

Chuck Main LogoAfter lots of good results at several schools in the UK and New Zealand, carried out recently by an experienced primary Head Teacher and Inspector Susan Rix, these materials have been made for 3 to 7 years old children – one pack is for Early Years 3 to 5, and another one for what is called Key Stage 1 which is 5 to 7 years old children – and all the activities are carefully prepared to cover lots of areas of the UK national curriculum.

Susan has helped me develop these resources and told me, ‘Children in classes love the stories and characters. The bright and easily accessible resources are designed to provide teachers and also parents with simple but flexible cross curricular teaching materials which support young children’s understanding of important environmental issues.’

Molly the Moorhen, who teaches all the young birds and animals on the farm, is really excited that we can help to teach children and entertain them with laughs at the same time.

Although my Chuck Teaching & Interactive Packs only cost £20 each, Doodle my best friend is puck-puck-pucking to everyone because I told him that FUN KIDS is offering  them FREE until June 30th!

From all of us on the farm, lots of big thanks to the Fun Kids people for doing this.

Meantime be kind to people and don’t forget to “Love Your World!”



If you’d like to receive one or two of the packs then please fill in the form below and you’ll be immediately provided with a link to download the material online. Or if you prefer we can send you the packs by post on multimedia CDs.

We hope you enjoy them!