‘April Underhill Tooth Fairy’ and ‘Invisible Brother’

For younger readers

AprilUnderhillToothFairyApril Underhill Tooth Fairy
By Bob Graham

  • April Underhill and her family live in a house by a tree stump beside the M25 motorway. The Underhill family are tooth fairies, and tonight, April and her little sister Esme will collect their first tooth.
  • The two young fairies have many dangers to face, not just the motorway traffic but the owls, the wind and how to avoid being seen by Daniel Dangerfield, whose tooth they are collecting.
  • Of course their adventure is a success. The story is told in comic strip and full page illustrations and there is plenty of humour in the detail that children will love to spot, from the enormous daffodils in a vase (fairies are very small) to grandma’s false teeth that the young fairies very nearly bring home….
  • The idea of fairies answering mobile ‘phones and living next to a motorway also brings them bang up to date.

Published by Walker Books

For older readers

InvisibleBrotherInvisible Brother
By Pete Johnson

  • Jamie’s little brother Harry is a show-off and Jamie wants him to disappear. But when Harry makes a wish on a magic cloak and that happens, it’s up to Jamie to sort it out. How do you make an invisible brother visible again?
  • As the problems pile up, Jamie realises that he and Harry have to work together. Helped by their friend Reema, they set off to retrieve the magic cloak that started it all.
  • Jamie and Harry are realistic siblings and beneath all their squabbling, fighting and practical jokes, they do look out for each other. There is bags of boy and girl appeal in this story – and the idea of a magic cloak and never-ending chocolate bar will make it quite irresistible to young readers.

Published by Catnip

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