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If you went to school with the children of Disney’s famous heroes and villains, who would you hang with?


Take the Girl talk quiz to find if you’re more Sleeping Beauty’s daughter Audrey, or Maleficent’s daughter Mal!

If you could cast a spell, you would choose to…

A. Teleport to school so you’d never be late

B. Turn invisible so you can sneak doughnuts out of the canteen!

At a joint party with your BFF, she gets a present you wanted. Do you…?

A. Smile nicely and ask to play with it too

B. Stomp your feet until someone buys you one as well.

Which magic potion would you create in science class?

A. One that gives you a boost of confidence in exams.

B. One that gives your teachers warts every time they tell you off.

What would your dream pet sidekick do for you?

A. Sing sweet songs and tidy your room.

B. Fly high to spy on your teachers.

If your best friend was annoying, you would…

A. Make her laugh to snap her out of her mood.

B. Lock her in the toilets until she stops being annoying.

In the lunch queue, someone pushes in. You…

A. Say nothing – you wouldn’t want to upset them.

B. Say really loudly: “There’s a queue, you know?!”

You trip down the stairs at school. You…

A. Snap your fingers to go back in time and be more careful!

B. Cast a spell on everyone who laughs at you!


Mostly A: You’re all things nice. Hello, Audrey!

Just like Princess Audrey, you’re totally popular because you’re cool and kind. Your perfect magic spell would be to make school breaks longer, so you have more time to hang out with your BFFs!


Mostly B: Careful what you wish for – you’d hang with Mal!

Just like Mal, you’re confident and determined, but you’ve got a cheeky side, too! Your dream spell would be to make your teachers find everything you do adorable – then you’ll never get in trouble!

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